13 September 2013

Why bicycling?

This question could introduce the longest post ever written by me, since the "because..." list would include reasons like economy, ecology, health and much more. Fortunately for the readers, this is not the case.

Right now I'm writing my Civil Engineering undergraduate thesis about Safety in the design of cycling infrastructures. Besides all the technical stuff concerning cycle lanes, cycle tracks, intersections, etc., the fact that made me think the most is the well-demonstrated virtuous circle "more cyclists = more safety = more cyclists=...". Basically, safety with numbers. Logical. But while writing my thesis I kept thinking: economy, ecology, health... safety, where appliable. Most people know that by riding a bike you save money, respect the environment, stay fit... Isn't that enough to make them choose bicycles whenever possible for their everyday home-to-school, home-to-work travel?

Then I stumbled upon this article and this video. Afterwards things were clear.
Question: has anybody ever told you that bicycling equals happiness?

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