23 September 2013

Km 0 - the roots

These are the places that I won't visit in the next months. Not because they don't deserve being visited, but just because I have the pleasure to live close to them. I highly recommend to come to see them if you have never been to this awesome piece of land between the Adriatic Sea and that part of the Alps called Dolomites.

These are my roots. The roots give nutrition to the tree, allowing its flowers and fruits to grow.
Likewise, I think everyone's roots can't be the end, they are just the mean to grow better and go further away.

"Quello che io penso come albero parlante è che la vita sia questione di radici: più sono profonde più ti puoi portar lontano incontrando gente conquistando amici, perché io ho scoperto che le mie radici in fondo sono lì per procurarmi le risorse, cosicché con le mie foglie io possa affrontare venti forti e possa farmi delle corse."
(Lorenzo Jovanotti - L'albero)

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