11 August 2013

About bike travelling: finding inspiration

It's hard to give a definition of what is bike travelling, and it's even harder to explain the sensation of looking at new places from the top of a saddle.
A 1-day trip at 15 km/h can be the greatest of all the travels. On the other hand, a cyclist completing the Tour de France hardly sees something of the places he bikes through.

Bike travelling is a state of mind. I think there are some bike travellers who have been able to transmit this state of mind through videos, diaries or interviews. Here I collected some of my favourite ones, hoping that they could "inspire" somebody:

- Dino Lanzaretti biked across Tibet. (video in Italian)
- Gabriele Saluci travelled from Turin to Iceland in 2011. (video in Italian)
- "Pedalar é preciso", a 1-year journey across Brazil. (video in Portuguese)
- Frank van Rijn, on the road since he was born... almost! (interview in English)

...50-60 days to the start. Deciding the gear, buying clothes and other stuff, looking for sponsors, planning the route in detail, and more... Organizing it might be as challenging as riding it.

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